Jenny Rudell

Ask a carver – Daniel Clay

“I believe we are an animal that makes things. A lot of people these days are divorced mentally from their existence as an animal that makes things. I’m not saying that it will solve

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An interview with Zed from Zed Outdoors

Zed is known for his great interviews under the nickname Zed Outdoors. So here’s an interview with the guy who normally interviews people. And he is actually not outdoors as we speak but at

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Ask A Tool Maker – Jason Lonon

Jason Lonon from North Carolina, woodworker, ironworker and tool maker, is in his barnlike woodshop when he answers my video call. He happily shows me around; the saw, the bench, the lathe and a

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Ask A Tool Maker – Julia Kalthoff

Hi Julia, how are you?Great thanks! I just got back to Stockholm from holidays in the south of Sweden. How’s Stockholm these days?It’s been pretty quiet the past few months. Right now, it’s like

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Ask a Tool Maker – Svante Djärv

☞ Hi Svante, this is Jenny from The Spoon Crank. Would you have time for the interview talked about for our blog? Sure, right now is fine. I’m sitting here working as we speak…

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