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Why I Gave Spoon Carving a Go – Holly-Ann Craig

I started spoon carving when I was looking for a new hobby in 2019, but I got into it more in 2020. I’m based in New Zealand and am a graphic designer by trade which I enjoy but I started to feel too dependant on technology. There’s also so much competition as a creative these

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Beware Of These Six Tool Sharpening Mistakes Beginners Make

Lots of folks that enjoy carving don’t seem to enjoy sharpening quite so much. I kind of understand that. These folks are interested in carving, not sharpening. Blunt tools are an unfortunate byproduct of carving. And sharpening is a chore to be endured. That’s completely the wrong mindset. And I’m here to help make it

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How to – Woven Bark Knife Sheath

Let me guess, you’ve bought a Mora 106 and it keeps falling out of the crappy plastic sheath it comes with? Or perhaps you just think these bark sheaths look amazing and want to make your own? Either way, you’ll be pleased to know they’re easy to make and more importantly, you’ll learn lots in

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Steam-Bent Blanks

What is steam bending? Wood is mainly cellulose and lignin. Lignin is thermo-plastic. If you heat it up, it gets squishy, letting you change its shape. If you hold it in that shape while it cools, it’ll stay that way. Exposing wood to steam and clamping it to a form allows you to add curves

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Why hollow grind?

Hollow grinding for edge tools is nothing new (ever seen one of those old-timey hand-cranked bench grinders?), but it has recently become a bit of a trend in the greenwoodworking world, and for good reason. Let’s have a look at the terminology, available Jigs, as well as the practical advantages and disadvantages of hollow grinding

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An interview with Zed from Zed Outdoors

Zed is known for his great interviews under the nickname Zed Outdoors. So here’s an interview with the guy who normally interviews people. And he is actually not outdoors as we speak but at his home in London, UK. I’m curious, how did Zed Outdoors start?I’m a city boy, born and raised in London. About

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