Ask a carver – Will Priestley

☞ How long have you been into spoon carving? I started in early 2014 but but it became more than just a hobby about 3 years ago. ☞ Why Spoons? I wanted an excuse to

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Ask a Tool Maker – Svante Djärv

☞ Hi Svante, this is Jenny from The Spoon Crank. Would you have time for the interview talked about for our blog? Sure, right now is fine. I’m sitting here working as we speak…

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Ask a carver – Morgan Raleigh

☞ How long have you been into spoon carving? More than six years. ☞ Why Spoons? I am very drawn to making useful, everyday items beautiful. Spoons, bowls, brooms, baskets, and more. In a world

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