Why I Gave Spoon Carving a Go – Holly-Ann Craig

I started spoon carving when I was looking for a new hobby in 2019, but I got into it more in 2020. I’m based in New Zealand and am a graphic designer by trade which I enjoy but I started to feel too dependant on technology. There’s also so much competition as a creative these days and it can be mentally draining. I wanted to do something that gave me a sense of fulfilment and wasn’t something everyone else was doing. I began looking to nature for inspiration, I’ve always loved the outdoors and woodlands. Escaping into nature made me remember being interested in bushcraft growing up, that’s where I discovered spoon carving. 

I started researching what tools I needed, watched YouTube tutorials and followed a bunch of carvers on Instagram to help me get started. The first tools I bought were a Morakniv 106 sloyd knife and a 162 hook knife. My first spoon I made with them was the bulkiest thing and it was difficult to eat with, but I’m still proud of it, I suppose that’s the beauty of a handmade object.

My next step in carving is to master the art of sharpening my blades and learn the different types of woods and be able to identify them. I’ve also got a few friends interested in learning and have been teaching my partner how to carve too. So maybe I’ll teach classes one day. 

So the reason I started spoon carving is because I wanted a new creative hobby and spoon carving meant I could be closer to nature. I also find it very enjoyable being able to make a useful tool from nature, there’s intrinsic value in it and I really like using my axe!

Holly-Ann Craig

Holly-Ann and Radar

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