Spoon Templates for Carving

Discover how spoon templates for carving can help you get started and further develop your spoon carving skills. I started using spoon templates as a way of achieving consistent results in my spoon carving.

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The Great Scottish Spoon Hoolie

The Great Scottish Spoon Hoolie: the best spoon carving festival in Scotland? The Great Scottish Spoon Hoolie is the chance to spend a weekend in the Scottish woodlands with like-minded greenwood carvers, to learn

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Why spoon carving?

Whether you’ve never carved a spoon before or you’re a seasoned pro, you may find yourself wondering: why spoon carving? What is it about chipping away at, carving, and smoothing a piece of wood

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The Axe Odyssey

Our carving axe will travel across the globe! Once upon a time in Sweden, there were two friends – Nils, a blacksmith, and Dio, a woodcarver – who shared a passion for creating beautiful

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Masters of Sloyd

Are you looking for a fun activity for the long winter evenings? Do you want to know more about traditional crafts that you can easily learn yourself? The free webinar series Masters of Sloyd is back!

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The Advent Calendar 2022

This year we are happy to offer a daily discount on 24 awesome items during 1-24 December. Back in the day, people used to mark the December days leading up to Christmas by drawing

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The Crafty Family – Painting

A while ago The Spoon Crank was invited to a Milk Paint workshop in Belgium. We decided to make the most of it and go all together as a family, meaning Dio, our 3-year

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Spoons for Good

Up until November 2020 I had no idea that people carved spoons by hand. Earlier that fall, my family and I had purchased a cabin in the mountains of West Virginia and during the

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The Carvers Without Borders

The way the internet helps the small businesses grow it’s fascinating. Although the privilege to be able to send our products to every corner of the earth comes with a responsibility. To borrow an

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