David Majcen


My name is David Majcen, born in 1998. Currently located in Slovenia where I’m studying civil engineering. When not behind the books I’m enjoying the world of woodwork and metalwork.

My journey as a craftsman starts with woodcarving. Firstly I was working with the guidance of an older brother, he had a lot of interest in knife making, but he was skillful at carving as well. After learning more and more I craved more tools and as a student, I couldn’t afford them. I started studying more of my brother’s work and with his help, a few first knives were born. Although they being made of mild steel and the blade made poorly I was very happy that I created something.

The trial and error method of learning took a lot of time. It was custom orders that pushed me further and further with blacksmithing and soon it was my prior focus, creating tools has brought me much joy. But after all the rambling of smithing and grinding, I still enjoy a quiet day swinging an axe and carving some fresh wood.

by David Majcen

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