Lee Stoffer

Lee Stoffer


I’m Lee and Covert Craft is the brand which represents my passion and dedication to promote valuable traditional skills and techniques.

Around fifteen years ago I discovered the joy of working with green (freshly cut) timber. I was fascinated when I first learned of the possibilities that this practice opened up as previously my experience had been limited to working seasoned timber with power tools which can be a rather noisy and dusty pursuit.

Carving green wood with good quality edge tools is, by comparison, a very peaceful and enjoyable way to persuade wood to take on elegant and useful forms. Since I started working this way I feel liberated and more in touch with my surroundings, I love to spend time in the woods where my favourite materials grow, experiencing and being inspired by nature.

I enjoy carving a variety of British hardwoods as they have such varied properties and characteristics and I strive to explore the possibilities each has to offer in my craft.

In search of the “perfect” tools for various jobs I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with a couple of well respected blade smiths to refine the function and ergonomics of a range of carving tools of my own design which I aim to produce for sale in small batches from time to time, which will be available along side my wooden wares via my online store.

As a result of making and restoring many different tools I’ve also taken an interest in working with leather, another fantastic natural material, to produce durable and attractive sheaths and covers that enable safe storage and transport of my valued carving tools.

Through this website I aim to share some of my experiences and techniques and also to offer you the opportunity to own some of my creations. Thanks for taking the time to come and find me, I hope you enjoyed your visit, please feel free to subscribe or follow me on youtube and instagram you’ll find links to these accounts on the connect page.

by Lee Stoffer

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