Luiz Felipe Buff


I was born in Brasil. Not happy with big city life and working as lawyer in the office everyday, I left and started working with outdoor education. Doing so I was able to travel around the world, leading sea kayaking expeditions, meeting incredible people, interacting with different cultures and learning new skills. 

One time, during a month long sea kayak expedition along the southern chilean coast, I lost my spoon. A fellow instructor told me about the Cypress, how it is easy to carve, last long a time and smells good. Instantly my mind got hooked up with the idea of carving a spoon. I carved then my first spoon, using a Swiss Knife. It was an amazing feeling to eat out of the spoon I just carved. I have it with me till today.

Then, I had the chance to meet the Sami people, in northern Norway, where they told us about their wood work tradition and once again I got to carve a spoon and a butter knife with them. That was it. I felt in love with carving spoons and other utensils. It reconnected me with a child desire to work with wood. Today, I carve spoons, kitchen utensils and build small furniture for the house.

Firstly, I carve spoons for family, friends and students. I was so happy to see them using the craft I built. My twins sons eat out of the spoon I carved from wood we found together in our walks in the forest, and I carved them during a picnic but he lake. They are an inspiration and they love to be around and watch me carve. They are learning to appreciate being outside and building stuff with their own hands and for ourselves. 

Finding The Spoon Crank initiative gave me the desire to spread the love for the art and for wood carving. Finding the wood, using hand tools and appreciating what nature give us, is a bless I am glad to share. 

by Luiz Felipe Buff

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