Joes Chang


I’m Joes and I am from Malaysia.
I am a person who like nature and I always go trekking , hiking and camping. Unfortunately I had a serious injured of my lower back in end of 2017 so I definitely have to stop my outdoor activities during that time . Meanwhile ,I start my spoon carving journey.

By now , I can’t tell an exact figure of how many spoons I’ve carved but one thing for sure that I am completely addicted and non stop by using simple hand tools such axe and sloyd knife to making things. It becomes a part of my life now.

Beside making wooden utensils, I also teach spoon carving occasionally and I really enjoy to share my knowledge my skill and experience with others.

Last but least, I have a wish. I hope every people can owned at least one of their wood spoon as EDC, they bring it when they traveling so it can reduce a lot of plastic waster . Love the earth.

Wanna join the team?

If you’re interested in selling your spoon blanks or spoon carving tools with us feel free to apply.

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