Meet the Maker: Georg Schulte

Georg is a master Goldsmith and works in a big jewellery store in Münster, Germany. His specialty is Mokume-gane, a Japanese technique that is translated “wood grain in metal”. In the past years he tried wooden bow making, blacksmithing and knife handle making, which eventually brought him to spoon carving 6 years ago.

Do you have any particular philosophy about the craft of spoon carving and the hand carved wooden spoon?
A wooden spoon is a nice, not too big, not too expensive, not very dirty, not too laborious art project that calms me down, gives me silence and lets me chase the perfect form, floating lines and forms. Simple beauty and communication with a “living” material with amazing beauty in itself. 

Miniature Axes

Where do you like to carve?
Outside, in the living room, everywhere…

How does your partner react to wood chips and your spoon carving?
She is not happy about wood chips everywhere, but she’s as tolerant as can be… and is my biggest spoon fan 😂

What’s your favourite part when carving a spoon?
Roughing out the spoon shape.

What’s your process for creating the crank on your spoons? 
I use an axe.

What is your best spoon carving tip?
Get a spoon mule!

How do you approach sharpening?
I tried every method from Tormek to sandpaper to water stones, and eventually realised that it’s all about rehearsal and accurate repetition!

Wanna share any lessons learned from cutting yourself while carving? 
Use wound strips and disinfectant.

What are your thoughts on collaborative work among makers in general?
It’s nice to sit together and carve, like I often do on Riseup and carve.

Follow Georg on Instagram @schorsch555.

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