Meet the Maker: Gui Siqueira

I’d like to welcome Gui Siqueira to The Spoon Crank family. Gui is a Brazilian-based tool maker who has recently sent me his hook knives and sloyd knives, which you can purchase on The Spoon Crank website. I took the opportunity to send him few questions so that we learn more about him and his work. 

How did you get into tool making?
I worked for 20 years in technology as a computer engineer and used my free time with lots of crafty activities. The year my son was born, I was traveling a lot and so I missed many good parts of his first year. By 2019 I started to plan my career change. Toolmaking came naturally since I was highly fascinated by forging, woodworking and leather working while being a huge fan of the European spoon carving community. In 2020 I decided to leave my job and start studying toolmaking. By 2021 I had sold my first tool.

How does your work process look like?
Almost every tool I make starts by observing and researching other toolmakers in terms of product development. Exchanging information over Instagram with other toolmakers around the globe. 
After the prototyping phase, I will send my tools to local carvers for feedback. I will then start to thinking about processes and how to make the tools more affordable.

Every batch starts by dimensioning the stock, then forging, refining and grinding, hardening and tempering, then of course sharpening. I make all the leatherwork and other business-related stuff at home. I usually try to group my work on workdays, when making the actual bigger batches.

What makes a tool a good tool in your opinion?
For me, a good tool is a tool that makes the user feel good when using it. Performance, ease of sharpening and aesthetics are important to me. 

Do you use your own tools?
Yes, I do! I always keep early prototypes I made in my tool roll. I also love using and testing other makers’ tools.

Do you have any role models, other tool makers that you look up to?
Generally, tool making for wood carving isn’t a very local thing. All my references and inspiration come from the toolmakers I connected on the internet. I think I’m the only Brazilian developing and selling hooks knives. I can mention three that their work have really inspired me: Nic Westermann for all the innovations and contributions, Matt White for his way of thinking, consistency, and deep thoughts about processes, and Reid Schwartz for how he approaches all of his work. 

What motivates you to keep going?
I am definitely eager to learn new things and become more relevant to the spoon carving community I’m connected to.

How does the future look?
It looks exciting! Spoon carving is a new thing around Brasil, and I’m excited to see how it will develop over the next years. I plan to move my workshop to a bigger place, where I can actually invite people and share knowledge. 

When you’re not making tools, what do you do? 
When not at the shop, I’m walking my dog or hanging out with my son Theo, who’ s 4 years old now.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?
I’m very active on Instagram, so if you want to chat or know more about me and my work, you can find me @guisiqueira. Thanks!

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