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What is a Spoon Blank?

Spoon blanks can be a helpful tool for carvers of all skill levels, allowing them to focus mainly on the knife work and finishing touches of the spoons. Spoon blanks are pre-carved pieces of wood usually with a carving axe that have been roughed out into the basic shape of a spoon. Spoon blanks are also great for those with limited or no access to green wood.

Where can I buy Spoon Blanks?

On The Spoon Crank website you can buy spoon blanks in various designs and sizes made locally by a variety of spoon carvers. They are available in a range of wood types, including popular hard woods for spoon carving like cherry, maple, and birch, as well as softer woods. When selecting spoon blanks, it’s important to consider the type of the spoon you’re after. All spoon blanks offered by our makers are free of cracks, knots, and other imperfections. 

Make your own Spoon Blanks.

You can of course make your own spoon blanks from scratch, using a carving axe and a saw to rough out the basic shape of the spoon. Consider the grain orientation of the wood, blanks with straight, even grain patterns are easier to work with and will result in a stronger, more durable spoon. To draw the spoon shape on the wood you can buy and use spoon templates based on the original designs of talented spoon carvers.

Dry or Green Wood Spoon Blanks?

Whether purchasing pre-cut spoon blanks or making your own, it’s important not to let the wood dry out before carving. Freshly cut wood is easier to work with as it requires less effort and less sharpening of your wood carving knives. 

Can I sell my Spoon Blanks with The Spoon Crank?

If you have have access to green wood and you would like to sell your spoon blanks or billets with The Spoon Crank, you will need to create a seller account here.

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