Sharpening supplies

How often should I sharpen my tools?

Sharpening frequency varies depending on how much you carve and the kind of wood you work with. The more you carve, the more experience you get on when your tools need sharpening. Observe the quality of the cuts of a freshly sharpened wood caring knife in comparison with one you haven’t sharpened for a while. To keep your blades sharp, remember to strop your knives frequently to avoid to having to sharpen them later. Frequent stropping is more than enough to put a razor’s edge back on your carving knives or tools.

Sharpening stones or abrasive paper for sharpening?

High quality sharpening stones are great although expensive, heavy and often messy to sharpen with as the require water and flattening. Sharpening systems with abrasive paper are easier to carry around, offer more flexibility, and a bigger variety of grits. Sharpening removes steel, so depending on the state of your edge It’s best to sharpen with the grit that removes the least material. Abrasive paper comes in a range of grits, from coarse to ultra fine, which makes it a versatile sharpening option.

Do you ship all sharpening products worldwide?

On The Spoon Crank shop you find a variety of sharpening kits, strops and sharpening supplies to keep your blades razor-sharp at all times. All sharpening products and supplies ship worldwide mainly from Sweden, unless you order from an independent maker located elsewhere. If you need help to decide which sharpening solution to choose, drop us a message and we will be happy to assist you.

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