Acrylic Pads for The Sharpening Kits

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Acrylic pads for The Sharpening Kit and the The Sharpening Kit (56).

Add extra acrylic pads if you want to add more grits to your sharpening routine or if you want to keep your strops separate to avoid any contamination from the polishing compound. These acrylic pads are made to fit The Sharpening Kits we offer and they are available in 43mm and 56mm width.

Note: Our premium adhesive backed abrasives we offer has been throughly tested and won’t leave any adhesive residue on the acrylic pads. We can’t although guarantee that the same applies to other brands of self-adhesive abrasive paper. Please test a small piece of your abrasive on the acrylic first. Do not use nail polish or other chemicals to clean the acrylic pads.

Send us a message if you have any questions about the product.


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