Alex's Eating Spoon Blank - 4 Pack


This eating spoon blank is my signature shape. Its a perfect all rounder, ideal for someone after a relatively standard shape with enough wood on it so you can tweak the design as you please. I like leaving a good deal of wood on the spoon so you can maximise the crank in the bowl, add a sweep or deep facets to the handle and really make it your own. I usually carve Beech, Cherry and other fruit woods, occasionally sycamore and holly. The blanks will be from one of these woods, green and ready to carve. Blanks come in batches of 2,3 or 4, bagged for freshness. Carve immediately or store in the freezer to avoid them drying out.
Available in the UK by Alex Finnberg and the rest of the world through “The Carvers Without Borders” network.

Send us a message if you have any questions about the product.

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