Bobby’s Eating Spoon Blank

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These blanks are for a dolphin style eating spoon- with a crank axed into the bowl and a smaller one at the end of the handle for a flicked up tail.

They are carved from locally sourced rowan wood (mountain ash). This is a lovely wood to carve with a distinctive chocolatey heartwood and creamy sapwood, leading to a marble-like effect. Please be aware, the grain pattern and colouration will vary from blank to blank.

All blanks will be carved fresh to order and packaged in a plastic bag to maintain their moisture content during transit. Once received, I would recommend the blanks are carved immediately or stored in the freezer.

Finished spoon in the pictures is for demonstration only.
Available singularly or in a pack of five at a discounted price.

Send us a message if you have any questions about the product.


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