Campfire Coffee (Beans &Ground)


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For a long time now we have wanted to to be able to supply a good quality coffee to go along with our iconic coffee pouches, so we were very pleased when we had the opportunity to stock Campfire Coffee Co’s wonderful blend! We’ve personally drunk far too much of this in recent weeks so trust us, it’s good!

The coffee and pouch combo comes at a discounted price to the individual items, so you can enjoy the aesthetic and practicality of storing your coffee in a wax canvas or leather pouch!

Campfire Coffee Co use the highest quality coffee beans in their signature blend Italian Roast, so whether you’re using your coffee machine at home, or out in the wild these will make a tasty cup of coffee.

Tasting Notes: A rich, smooth, full-roasted blend, full-bodied with a liquorice sweetness. Strength 4/5

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