Carving Set for Spoon Carving and Kuksa Carving


Handmade Carving Set.
All the tools and the leather bag are hand made in our workshop.

In this set:
1) Carving Axe
Total length – 22cm
Axe’s head length – 11cm
Cutting axe – 8.5cm
Axe`s weight – 0.386 kg.
HRC – 58-59
Handle made from ash.

2) Little Hook Knife
Overall length: 19cm
Handle length: 12cm
Diameter: 3cm
Blade thickness: 2mm
Total weight: 0.155kg (with sheath)
HRC – 61

3) Spoon Carving Knife
Overall length: 16.5cm
Handle length: 11cm
Blade length: 5cm
Blade thickness: 2mm
Total weight: 0.08kg (with sheath)
HRC – 61

4)Carving Knife
Overall length: 17cm
Handle length: 10cm
Blade length: 6.5cm
Blade thickness: 2mm
Total weight: 0.06kg (with sheath)
HRC – 61

5)Spoon Bent Chisel 2 cm (0,79″)
Overall length: 27cm
Handle length: 14.5cm
Blade length: 8.5 cm
Overall weight: 0.23kg (with sheath)
HRC – 61

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