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Eddie's Cooking Spoon



These spoons are hand made from sustainably harvested found wood – usually from a fallen tree. They have been carved using only an axe and a couple of knives. The handle of each spoon has facets running down the entire length to ensure it is comfortable in the hand. The rim of the bowl is thin but strong to ensure it withstands many years in the kitchen.

Each spoon that I carve is unique – the patterns in the grain vary due to the position the spoon occupied in the log, and the nature of the tree itself. The exact appearance of the spoon you buy may be different than that shown in the photos, as I usually keep multiple items of this form in stock. The wood type depends on what is available – I am currently carving cherry, hawthorn, and sycamore. Your spoon is likely to be one of these.

Prior to shipping, each spoon is lightly coated with raw, food grade linseed oil to protect it. Each spoon is approximately 27-29 cm long and the bowl is 5-6 cm wide.

Worldwide Shipping available.

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