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The Gränsfors Froe is utilized for finely splitting wood, particularly in tasks such as crafting shingles for roofing. The wood slated for splitting is positioned beneath the edge. The operator stabilizes the tool with one hand on the vertical handle while striking the blade with a mallet held in the other hand. Furthermore, the removable handle facilitates easy transportation of the Froe. The Froe comes with a veg-tan leather sheath.

Length: 44 cm (17 5/16″)
Weight: 1,2 kg (2,6 lb)
Cutting edge: 30 cm (11 13/16″)
Shaft: American Hickory

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The Spoon Crank is an official dealer of the world’s most respected axes. All Gränsfors Bruks axe comes with a 20-year warranty against forging defects and the famous Gränsfors Bruk Axe Book.

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