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Hand forged Stock Knife - Cloggers knife



Hand forged Stock Knife from 1080 high carbon steel, this is a tool used to carve clogs, process round greenwood stock, carve it into semi finished, finished products, dowels, spoons, blanks, bowls, any roughing of larger materials, mallets, chairmaking etc, it is a super versatile thing. The long handle lever really helps with the transmission of the force, and you dont need to push so hard to carve large chunks. Turned Ash wood handle secured with nuts.

Heavy duty stock knife:

Overall length: 40” – 100cm
Weight: 6.5lbs – 3.5kg
Blade length: 14” – 35cm

Medium stock knife:

Overall length: 31” – 80cm
Weight: 2.8lbs – 3kg
Blade length: 11.8” – 30cm

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