It’s my knife Kibori – Standard – Knife making kit

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“It’s my knife KIBORI” is a knife intended for wood carving and green wood work. You can create your own original knife by carving the handle of the knife into a shape that suits you. You can give it a burnt wood finish, engrave it, paint it with paint or finish it with dark brown wax. Of course, a simple oil finish is also nice.

The blade comes hand-sharpened by the Fedeca craftsmen.

One of the charms of this kit, is the ease with which even those unfamiliar with knife making can complete a knife. It takes about 2 to 3 hours.

Wipe dry after use to avoid corrosion.

Blade length: 80mm
Blade thickness: 3mm
Total length: 200mm

Contents of the kit
1x Full tang knife blade
2 x Beech wood scales
2 x Stainless steel screw1 x Sand paper grit #120
1 x Sand paper grit #240
1 x Screwdriver
Double-sided tape (to prevent rattling)
1 x Instruction manual

Required time to complete the knife
About 2 to 3 hours

How to make it
1. Carve the handle material into the desired shape.
2. Sand the handle material in the order of coarse (#120) and medium (#240) sandpaper to prepare the surface.
3. Cover the blade with masking tape to avoid injury during assembly.
4. Complete by assembling the scales and the knife blade using the screws and screwdriver provided.

After that, please finish it according to your taste, such as by painting or oiling it.

*This product is a self-made kit that the customer assembles. It is not a finished product.
*Be sure to read the attached “Manufacturing Manual” before assembly.
*Oils or wax are not included in the product.
*Aogami of Yasugi steel may rust if it is left without completely removing the moisture.

Send us a message if you have any questions about the product.



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