Japanese Butter Knife Whittling DIY Kit

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Make your own butter knife using this kit from Japan. The kit contains a roughly shaped wood block to carve from, three grades of sand paper, beeswax and cloth.

A knife to carve the wooden piece is not included but any standard penknife is sufficient to use. Enjoy creating something unique with your own hands!

Make butter knives and jam knives by hand. A handmade kit that allows you to make paper knives and jam knives by changing the shape of the tip and the overall size.

My butter knife kit contains:

■ Butter knife: Ash wood H17cm × W3cm

■ Sandpaper No.150.240.400.

■ Beeswax for finishing

■ 2 pieces of cloth
* Required tool: a small knife or craft knife

Make butter knife from ash tamo tree.
Let’s try!
This kit contains materials that have been cut into a shape that is easy to make. First, think of the silhouette you want to make, draft it on the main body with a pencil, and create it with a utility knife. The tip can be sharpened or rounded, the handle can be made thinner or thicker, and the shape to be made is free and there is no correct answer. Once you get the shape you want, polish the three included sandpapers in descending order until the surface is smooth. When the surface is smooth, beeswax is finally applied to complete the process.

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