Japanese Coffee Scoop Whittling DIY Kit

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Make your own coffee measuring cup using this kit. The kit contains a roughly shaped wood block to carve from, three grades of sandpaper, beeswax and cloth.

A knife to carve the wooden piece is not included but any standard penknife is sufficient to use.
Enjoy creating something with your own hands!

Let’s make coffee beans and a major scoop that measures the amount of powder with a kit that makes an original coffee measure.
It can be used for various purposes such as tea, black tea leaves, and powdered sugar. Use a cutter, a knife, and the included sandpaper to create a shape of the desired length and thickness, and then apply the included natural ingredient “beeswax” to finish and polish it.

* The material of wood varies depending on the production time, and it will be beech wood or oak wood.

My coffee measure kit contains:
■ Coffee measure: Oak Wood or Beech Wood * Materials depends on the production season(11cm × 5cm)

■ Sandpaper # 150, 240, 400

■ Beeswax for finishing

■ 2 pieces of cloth

Would you like to try to craft a measuring scoop for powder and coffee beans?

The product is a kit for making an original coffee scoop. The scoop could be utilised for various purposes, such as measuring tea leaves and powdered sugar. You form its length, thickness and line weight with a cutter, knife and 3 different types of the associated sandpaper according to your preference. After that you polish it with beeswax, known as a natural ingredient.

Send us a message if you have any questions about the product.


$18.00 VAT included (where applicable)

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