Japanese Chopsticks whittling DIY kit

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This item: Japanese Chopsticks whittling DIY kit

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$14.34 VAT included (where applicable)
$14.34 VAT included (where applicable)
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Make your own chopsticks using this kit from Japan. The kit contains a roughly shaped wood blocks to carve from, three grades of sandpaper, beeswax and cloth.

A knife to carve the wooden piece is not included but any standard penknife is sufficient to use.

Enjoy creating something with your own hands!

Let’s make chopsticks that you use every day with ash tamo wood. Use a cutter, knife, and the included sandpaper to create a shape of your own length and thickness, and finish with beeswax. Ash is used in a variety of items such as furniture and guitar baseball bats.

My chopsticks set contains
■ Chopsticks wood ash 1 set (21cm x 1cm)

■ Chopsticks holder ash 1

■ Sandpaper # 150 # 240 # 400

■ 2 pieces of cloth

■ Beeswax

Make your own chopsticks for everyday use !! Eco friendly chopsticks you can take with you anywhere you go.

1. You form its length, thickness and shape with a cutter – knife to your preference and draw a line with that shape with a pencil. Cut it along the line with a cutter or a knife. Please be careful not to get injured when using cutting tools.
2. When the shape is completed to some extent you file it by No.150 sandpaper until the rough ness of it runs out.
3. Furthermore, you file with the sandpaper of No.240, 400 until the surface becomes smooth. After that, please take the beeswax on a cloth and coat it to the extent that you can moisten the entire chopsticks.
5. After coating them with beeswax, wipe off any excess beeswax with the other cloth, leave it for 1 day – 1 day and a half and to dry, and then it’s complete.

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