Puukko Knife Making Kit – Puukko Knife – Knife Blade, Handle & Bolster

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This Puukko knife making kit includes a knife blade by the legendary Laurin Metalli factory in Finland. The 77mm Lauri knife blade is a popular Puukko blade model, designed for tasks suited to Finnish tradition. This blade strikes a balance between length and agility and it is suitable for various tasks.

Their unique black sides result from open oven hardening, blending burned oil for rust protection. This finish can wear over time, leaving an exclusive carbon steel patina. Lauri blades are created through stock removal from stamped blanks, making them the preferred choice in the Finnish Puukko industry.

The blade comes hardened, sharpened, and ready for handling.

Knife Blade: Lauri Carbon 77
Steel: 80CrV2
Hardening: 58 HRC
Bolster: Brass V 24
Handle: Birch wood

How to make a traditional Finnish puukko knife

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