Large Steel Hooped Wooden Mallet (hammer)



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Handcrafted wooden mallet in large size. Perfect for your workshop:furniture making, general woodworking, timber framing, upholstery, and general carpentry. The wooden mallet adopts special design: the head is steel hooped on both sides.

Made from the strong, high-quality wood with hard texture and strong impact resistance-ash. Smooth surface, convenient to grip and carry. The handle of the mallet is sealed with leather and does not slip in the hand, it makes the process of your workshop more comfortable.

Item is available in three sizes:

large (total length: 36.5 cm)

medium (total length: 31 cm)

and small (total length: 20.5cm)

Dimensions : 36.5 cm
Material : ash tree
Handle length (cm) : 27
Hammer diameter (cm) : 8

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