Meli94H/V Belt Grinder

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Multi-purpose robust and professional belt grinder for grinding, polishing various types of materials such as metal, wood, glass, ceramics and plastics. Intended for use with a motor that attaches to the grinder itself. It has the ability to rotate the head and thus determine the angle at which you want to grind. This model can be used in two positions, horizontally and vertically. In the case of horizontal rotation, the grinder must be attached to the edge of the table or have a hole in the table due to the electric motor.

The material from which the belt grinder is made is light-drawn steel and aluminum, the wheels are made of solid aluminum and have steel bearings, without plastic.

This model is certified and has the CE mark.

Basic information:

  • belt grinder dimensions:

length: 80cm

width: 50cm

height: 33cm


(dimensions were measured with 1.1kW motor, PL102 front plate and 1600x50mm belt)

  • base plate dimensions: 495x210mm

  • front plate dimensions PL102: 400x120mm

  • sanding belt dimensions: 1600-2000x50mm

basic model: 1600-2000x50mm

contact wheels with wheel holder: 1600x50mm

  • sanding belt speed with 1.1kW motor, or 1.5kW, 2800rpm: 14.66m/s

The basic model contains:

  • belt grinder Meli94H / V + drive wheel AR100

  • large plate PL102

  • motor 1.1kW, 230V or 400V

  • switch

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