Sloyd Knife by Yonatan – 85 mm

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Handmade Sloyd Knife by Yonatan Tamarking. The blade is made of O1 tool steel and the handle of ash wood. The blade is 85 mm long and the spine is 3 mm thick. Hardness is approx. 62 HRC.
To fit the blade to the handle I make a pilot hole, and then I burned in the full size hole with a tool that has the same shape and size as the tang of the blade. I buff the handle with steel wool and oil with two coats of danish oil. It comes with a birch bark sheath.

Made-to-order item. Lead time 1-2 months.

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1 review for Sloyd Knife by Yonatan – 85 mm

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    Michael O’Brien

    I ordered my Yonatan Sloyd knife when it was first offered for sale on the SpoonCrank website.. It took about 6 weeks or so to finally receive it, which was expected and waiting is never an issue for me on custom tools. Yonatan’s knife is exceptionally well made, and the thinner tip will be wonderful for the grain transition areas in the necks of spoons. The handle ergonomics and function are so nice and the wood used is just beautiful.. I own a number of high quality Sloyd knives by makers such as Nic Westermann, Ben Orford, Reid Schwartz and others, and use them all. . This Sloyd knife by Yonatan is on par with the quality, functionality and beauty seen in those benchmark knives. While the Yonatan Sloyd can certainly be used for general spoon carving, I see its ideal use being for making finishing cuts and finer cuts in tight grain reversal areas because of the knife’s thinner tip taper.
    Highly recommended. .

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