The Spoon Carving Bib – Oiled Buffalo Shoulder

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Protect your sternum against bruises while carving a spoon with the use of this carving bib made from 4.5mm oiled buffalo shoulder and adjustable paracord.

I really thought that to put a carving bib together was easy. But believe me, It took a while before I discover the ideal material for a spoon carving bib. You see most of the popular Veg Tanned Leathers, broadly used out there failed when I put them to test. They are quite slippery when a fair amount of pressure is applied while carving a spoon, which makes them rather unsafe.

What you want is a sturdy and firm grip when you apply pressure against your sternum while carving a wooden spoon and this spoon carving bib provides exactly that. The main is reason is that this spoon carving bib although is thick and sturdy it is soft and flexible at the same time which makes any wooden blank to almost sink into its surface keeping everything safely in place.

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