Spoonprise – Sebastian’s Cooking/ Serving Spoon

$114.99 VAT included (where applicable)


Made-To-Order Sebastian’s Cooking/ Serving spoon.

The idea behind Spoonprise is that you get to order a spoon by a carver of your choosing tho you let the carver freely decide on the design and decoration of the spoon to be made exclusively and only for you.
Have a look at the pictures and see some examples but please remember that your spoon won’t look alike them.

Spoonprise a friend, a family member or even yourself!

Send us a message if you have any questions about the product.


$35.00 VAT included (where applicable)

$33.00$38.00 VAT included (where applicable)

$35.00 VAT included (where applicable)

Carving Courses

Whether you want to learn chip carving or how to carve a spoon and how to keep your tools sharp, we got you covered. Get in touch to book your course.

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