The Little Bear Slöjd Knife by Julian Jones

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The Little Bear Slöjd Knife by Julian Jones aka @littlebear_sloyd.

Julian has meticulously hollow-ground, hand sharpened and polished the laminated steel Mora 106 blades. The handled knives come fitted with a hand-carved and tool-finished white oak handle. The handles have a tapered oval cross section with twelve knife-finished facets, and a subtle flare at the base to support the palm of the hand for powerful cuts. The handles are made longer than typical to support a wide range of knife grips and techniques. Julian has had a lot of experience with different sloyd knives as a carver and an instructor and has made these in his preferred style.

The woven sheath in the pictures is not included.

Learn more about why hollow grind from Julian by reading his recent article on our blog.

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