The Sloyd Knife Kit

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Build your very own custom wood carving knife with the popular Morakniv Blade 106.

The Sloyd Knife Kit includes:

  1. a Stainless laminated carbon steel Morakniv blade 106 (85 mm/ 3.3 in),
  2. a Handle blank from cherry wood (Approx. 45 mm/ 1.8 in x 25 mm/1 in  x 130 mm/5 in),
  3. a Saddlers Harness Needle,
  4. 2x Leather blanks for the sheath,
  5. Waxed thread for stitching,
  6. 2x Sandpaper 240 grit. For the wooden handle and the leather sheath.
  7. A bottle of refined linseed oil for finishing the wooden handle and
  8. 1x 8mm dowel.

The Sloyd Knife Kit comes complete in a box with 6 different knife handle template designs printed on paper.





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