Wild Cherry Pocket Spoon


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Wild Cherry Eating Spoon
Handcarved with Axe & Knife
Sourced from a Wild Cherry Tree grown in Belgium
Burnished & Finished with Organic Linseed Oil

Sustainably sourced from managed woodland in Belgium

A large Wild Cherry Tree was felled in a friends family home in Belgium. She visits there from time to time by car, driving on the Eurotunnel across and on this occassion returning with large sections of the most beautiful cherry I have had the fortune of carving in her boot! This is the hardest wood I have ever carved and the finish is superb, these are spoons which will last a very long time.

The Spoon:
The spoon was carved from a mature wild cherry tree with the most beautiful coloured heartwood. It has been burnished and finished with linseed oil giving it a wonderful glossed finish, ‘popping’ the rich red and pink hues in the spoon.

Spoon Care:
This spoon is designed to be eaten with and well used – don’t be afriad to use it on a daily basis! The only thing to avoid is putting it in the dishwasher, or leaving it to soak in the washing up bowl. I always make sure my spoons are bone dry before putting them away in the drawer. To give the spoon a new lease of life from time to time you can add a coat of flax oil, walnut oil (careful of nut allergies) or linseed oil, but this is not essential.

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