Will’s Eater Spoon Blank – Pack of 5

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This eating spoon blank is an excellent all-rounder and perfect for someone wanting to experiment and try new shapes. I leave enough wood that the design can be adapted to whatever style you’d like. Carve the bowl slightly deeper for a soup spoon, leave the handle nice and chunky or slender and twizzly, add a hollow for your thumb, go extra swoopy with the crank or keep it straighter, the choice is yours!
The type of wood will depend on what I have at the time. My most used species are cherry, sycamore, birch, alder, willow and beech. Length is ~16-18cm.
Blanks come in packs of 5 and are wrapped in plastic to maintain freshness. Carve immediately or store in the freezer to avoid drying.

Available in the UK by Will Priesley and the rest of the world through “The Carvers Without Borders” network.

How to carve a spoon – Will Priestley


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