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These handmade folding bucksaws are an essential part to any bushcrafter or wood carver’s kit. They are perfect for foraging wood out in the wild or processing logs ready to carve or put on the campfire.
Simple and quick to assemble, they transform from a couple of sticks to a fully functioning bow saw in a matter of seconds and collapse again for easy storage in a backpack, drawer, shelf or anywhere else!
When folded, the blade is safely tucked away, teeth first, within the hand-carved, ergonomic handles and can be bound together with the cross piece using the tensioning cord.
All saws come fitted with a brand new 53cm (21 inch) Bahco greenwood blade that can be replaced easily when the time comes. The frames come in either ash or beech.
I personally use one of these every day to collect and process my spoon wood. I enjoy every time I take it out and put it together and really love the practicality of being able to fold it up for easy packing/transport.
This saw has taken much trial and error to produce. Through a lot of research, I have identified features on other saws that I felt could be improved upon and have worked to do so with mine.
This includes:
  1. a more comfortable handle,
  2. a cross piece that fits either way round,
  3. a blade that does not need removing and replacing for every use and
  4. the previously mentioned folding mechanism that protects the blade within the handle as well as protecting you and your kit from the sharp teeth.
These all combine to make, what I think, is the best folding bucksaw on the market today.
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