55mm Woodcarving knife , Fresh wood carving, Spooncarving

178.50$ Inkl. moms

Carving knife made from hand-forged high carbon steel blade and applewood handle.

The blade is filed and sanded, heat-treated (normalized, quenched, tempered twice)
Bevels on the blade are high flat ground (Scandi grind) V, meaning there is no second bevel.
In the end, the knife is hand-sharpened on the stone-like fixture, which allows me to go from low grid to high grind and then polishing compounds on leather. The result is a very flat and polished surface.

Wood is oiled with tung oil and buffed with beeswax

The knife is great for carving spoons, kuksas, bowls, and so on…
A knife is shaving sharp and mirror-polished.

It comes with a paper/leather sheath.

blade: ≈ 55mm
included angle: 26°
blade thickness ≈ 3mm
handle length: ≈ 110mm

Handle style: Octagonal easy flow
Handle size: normal

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