Roasted Spatula

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Roasted Spatula
Hand carved with Axe & Knife

Sourced from Birch grown near Dartington
Carved in South Devon, UK 
Finished with Tung Oil

Roasted Spatula:Inspired by the shapes of Japanese utensils, this roasted Spatula is perfect for frying and flipping food around! With a robust body and tapered tip it is both heavy duty and nimble around the pan

The carved facets are still evident in the handle giving the Spatula a textured and undeniably wonderful handmade feel.

The spoon has been roasted at 220 degrees and finished with Tung Oil

Sustainably sourced from locally grown trees in South Devon, UK. The trees I carve almost always grew within a 20 mile radius from my workshop, meaning very little carbon footprint from tree to spoon. These spoons are hand carved with 3 hand tools: an axe, hook knife and straight knife from log to spoon.

This spoon is part of a range of roasted cooking spoons all available. You can buy the full set here.

Spatula Care:
This spatula is designed to be cooked with and well used – don’t be afraid to use it on a daily basis! The only thing to avoid is putting it in the dishwasher, or leaving it to soak in the washing up bowl.

I always make sure my utensils are bone dry before putting them away in the drawer.

To give the spoon a new lease of life from time to time you can add a coat of flax oil, walnut oil (careful of nut allergies) or linseed oil, but this is not essential.

*The spoon you receive will be the exact shape and finish but the grain and colours may be slightly different from the photo.

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