Will’s Pot Stirrer Spoon Blank – Pack of 5

55.00$ Inkl. moms

These cooking spoons are perfect for doing the hard work in the kitchen. The handles on the blanks are left chunky so you have the option for a strong, faceted, octagonal handle, which I like to carve, rounded for extra comfort or even thinned right down for a more elegant spoon.
The round bowl has a pointy corner to get to those hard to reach areas in the pan (you can choose right or left handed), but can be carved off completely if you prefer a bit of symmetry!
The type of wood will depend on what I have at the time.
My most used species are cherry, sycamore, birch, alder, willow and beech. Length is ~28-30cm.
Blanks come in packs of 5 and are wrapped in plastic to maintain freshness.
Carve immediately or store in the freezer to avoid drying.
Available in the UK by Will Priesley and the rest of the world through “The Carvers Without Borders” network.

How to carve a spoon – Will Priestley


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