Will’s Scoop blank – Pack of 5

40.00$ Inkl. moms

This is the style I use for my tea and coffee scoops, though they work just as well for any loose goods. The short length means that it can be kept in the jar or pot and the wide handle gives a good area to grip.
I leave enough wood on the blank that you can choose whether you want a really deep scoop, or if you want something bit shallower then you can take a bit more material from the back of the bowl. I’ve also left a finial on the end if you want to add some detail to this, or you can remove it for a more simple design
Blanks come in packs of 5 and are wrapped in plastic to maintain freshness. Carve immediately or store in the freezer to avoid drying.

Available in the UK by Will Priesley and the rest of the world through “The Carvers Without Borders” network.

How to carve a spoon – Will Priestley


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