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These scoops are hand made from sustainably harvested found wood – usually from a fallen tree. They are carved using only an axe and a couple of knives. Each scoop holds approximately 1 tablespoon and is perfect for measuring out coffee beans or other dry goods in the kitchen – I keep mine directly in the jar with the beans. The whole scoop is lightly treated with 3 coats of raw, food grade linseed oil to protect it. Each coat is allowed to cure before adding the next – this creates a durable finish. Each scoop is approximately 8 cm long and the bowl is 4.8 cm wide.

The exact appearance of the scoop you buy may be different than that shown in the photos, as I usually keep multiple items of this form in stock. The wood type will vary and depends on what is available – I am currently carving cherry, hawthorn, and sycamore. Your scoop is likely to be one of these.

Worldwide Shipping Available.

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