Golden Ratio Callipers for Spoon Design


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Golden Ratio Callipers are ideal when you want to draw a spoon template.
What is The Golden Ratio?⁣
The Golden Ratio represented by the Greek letter 𝝓 (phi), also known as the Golden Section, Golden Mean or Divine Proportion is a number that approximately equals 1.618. ⁣ The Greeks first studied the Golden Ratio because of its frequent appearance in geometry.⁣

How does this relate to spoon design?⁣
You can find The Golden Ratio almost anywhere, in nature, architecture, painting and music.⁣
When applied, it creates aesthetically pleasing and well balanced proportions.⁣ Use these Golden Ratio Callipers when you want to draw a spoon template. There are two portions, the short one, which equals 1 and the long one which approximately equals 1.618 (phi).

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