Leather Sheaths for Svante's Wood Carving Knives


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Handmade leather sheaths for Svante’s wood carving knives.

Three (3) different sheath alternatives, one for every wood carving knife category:

Children’s wood carving knives

  1. Children’s carving knife 15×50 mm sharp tip
  2. Children’s carving knife 15×50 mm rounded tip
  3. Children’s carving knife 15×40 mm flat tip

Short wood carving knives (See here)

  1. Carving knife 16×40 mm
  2. Carving knife 15×50 mm
  3. Carving knife 16×50 mm, pointed
  4. Carving knife 17×60 mm

Long wood carving knives (See here)

  1. Carving knife 16×70 mm

NOTE: Since all knife sheaths are entirely made by hand they are only sold in combination with one of Svante’s wood carving knives from the list above. If you wish to order multiple knives, leave a comment letting us know which knife you’d like to combine with a sheath.

Send us a message if you have any questions about the product.



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