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A while ago, I started working on some basic tool-roll ideas. I needed a simple solution for my very basic spoon carving tool kit. I was aiming for something basic although practical and easy to customise if needed. You might agree that everyone’s tool kit looks different and what a basic spoon carving kit might mean can vary a lot depending on who you ask.

Among others, I do remember having a tool-roll chat with Nick @murphys_spoon which I’d like to thank for his input. I picked the most basic of the ideas and contacted Paul @pdbushcraft.leatherwork I knew already that it should not be me making this thing, at least if I wanted not to get disappointed.

I’m very excited with the final outcome. The too-roll is exactly what I had in mind while drawing those lines back then.  Apart from the craftsmanship and the materials Paul chose to use, I got very happy when I realised that the same tool roll can be used for The Sharpening Kit! Thank you Paul, you nailed it again. Give Paul a follow @pdbushcraft.leatherwork

The tool-roll is made from 2mm oil tanned cowhide, 9mm copper rivets with a 3mm stem and it’s hand sewn with braided nylon thread – 180 pound breaking strain.

There are two tool-roll models available, 3 and 5 pockets. Feel free to DM me if you need a custom design.

NOTE: The tools and the sharpening kit in the pictures are not included.

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