SILKY - Bigboy 2000 - Folding Saw


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The Bigboy 2000 pull saw is perfect for all kinds of green woodworking activities. This versatile saw delivers great performance. The Bigboy 2000 is compact and lightweight, you can take this saw with you in your backpack. A strong and well balanced pull saw resulting in an exceptionally smooth and efficient sawing experience.

In case you are not used to sawing with a pull saw, be aware of the razor sharp teeth that rapidly work through the wood. Even after frequent use, the teeth remain sharp for a very long time.

The blade folds easily with a locking mechanism. The sharp teeth are safely covered as they are completely concealed in the handle. You can securely lock the blade in two different positions.

The rubber handle absorbs vibrations and offers a perfect grip. The rubber handle of the Bigboy ensures a safe and comfortable grip and is big enough to use with two hands. The hole in the handle offers the possibility of attaching a rope or carabiner.

  • Blade length: 360 mm (till Ø 180 mm)
  • Teeth: Extra-large (6.5 teeth per 30 mm)
  • Weight: 440 g
  • Suited for Fresh wood
  • Made in Japan


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