Simple Sycamore Spoon


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Simple Sycamore Spoon
Handcarved with Axe & Knife
Sourced from sycamore grown in Noss Mayo, Devon
At Little Rowden Forest Garden

Little Rowden Forest Garden were thinning a row of sycamore trees which border their patch of land in order to plant native species. Sycamore are a non-native species and have a tendency to dominate and crown out other species. So the stand were felled and replaced by native trees which will grow into a living hedgerow. This sycamore came straight to my workshop and was carved very green, still with lots of sap and water content in it. It couldn’t be much more locally sourced!

The Spoon:
When someone asks me to carve a spoon, this is the shape that comes into my mind, and this is the spoon I always return to carve, again and again. Slowly the symmetry and design have become more refined and the result is an elvish spoon, light and simple, with a lovely smooth bowl which glides off the lips. The spoon has been burnished and finished with Organic Linseed Oil.

Spoon Care:
This spoon is designed to be eaten with and well used – don’t be afriad to use it on a daily basis! The only thing to avoid is putting it in the dishwasher, or leaving it to soak in the washing up bowl. I always make sure my spoons are bone dry before putting them away in the drawer. To give the spoon a new lease of life from time to time you can add a coat of flax oil, walnut oil (careful of nut allergies) or linseed oil, but this is not essential.

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