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Strong and rigid carbon steel (52100 (100Cr6) steel) makes the adze undefeatable before challenges.
Hand-forged adze is a perfect carpenter tool. Ash tree is chosen as a material for the handle thanks to its reliability and durability.

In the Norse Mythology, an ash tree had a special sacral meaning.
The medium adze’s total length comes to 29 cm.
The leather case for a safe transportation is included in the package.
The head of the carpentry tool has the sharp perpendicular cutting edge. Its length is 6,3 inches (16 cm) and width is 1.77 inches (4.5 cm). Capable master will be pleasantly surprised by the handcrafted adze’s sophistication. The adze is made for real people who are not afraid of rough work and use only the best tools. Hand-forged adze adds the +100 bonus to handicraft and +50 to vehemence.

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