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Spoon carving knife with hand-forged high carbon spring steel blade. A wood carving knife for carving spoons, kuksas, bowls or other articles from green wood. Ideal for finishing cuts.

The blade is forged, bent, ground, sanded, heat-treated (Normalised twice, quenched and tempered twice). The bevel on the outside of the blade is convex and inside is hollow-ground for easier sharpening. Finally the blade is hand-sharpened and polished. The result is a very crisp and polished surface which makes the blade shaving sharp.

It comes with a custom wooden sheath. To open, remove the pin in the middle and rotate lid to the left. For any personalisation, like name initials etc., on the sheath or the handle, please contact me for the details.

I strongly recommended sharpening the inside of the blade only, and stropping the outside.

Spoon carving knife dimensions:

  • Blade length: Approx. 5.5 cm
  • Handle length: Approx. 13 cm
  • Handle style: Octagonal thickens towards butt
  • Handle size: Normal

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