The Kangaroo Leather Strop Dowel


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Use The Kangaroo Leather Strop Dowel to strop your hook knives. Made from 100% Genuine Veg Tanned Kangaroo Leather approx. 0.6 mm thickness and a wooden dowel from oak that has been chamfered on the edges and impregnated with refined linseed oil at 130º Celsius.
The kangaroo leather, although it’s much thinner, is about ten times stronger. Its structural uniformity creates an exceptional stropping leather.
Strop your hook knives using the suede part with stropping compound. Finish off by buffing your hook blade on the smooth part. Measures 15 mm x 245 mm and you can choose between the hand-stitched, glued on, double (Suede & Soft side) or single alternative (Suede only).

100% handcrafted in Stockholm, Sweden.


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