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The way the internet helps the small businesses grow it’s fascinating. Although the privilege to be able to send our products to every corner of the earth comes with a responsibility.

To borrow an expression from a friend and fellow carver…  “Just because we can doesn’t mean that we always should!”

One of my personal goals via The Spoon Crank has been to discover different ways to support the local communities. Supporting and buying locally produced products from local businesses is way more sustainable for a variety of reasons that we all probably know. 

In addition, I would love to allow people to just visit The Spoon Crank and to be able combine in the same order spoon blanks from Tom (US), Nick (UK) and Myron as well (DE).

Unfortunately, the high shipping rates, restrictions on importing / exporting green wood, the environmental impact and of course our consciousness, wouldn’t allow it.

This is exactly why I’d like to introduce you to our most recent initiative “The Carvers Without Borders” (TCWB). 

The initiative will give people the freedom to combine in the same order any of the spoon blank designs on The Spoon Crank website although made locally by a carver close to them!

I’m currently working on further streamlining the idea and updating the website.

I just wanted to give an early heads up and welcome you to share your suggestions and feedback in the comments below.

Happy and Safe Carving… without Borders!
The Spoon Crank


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  1. I’ve recently begun carving some spoons, bowls, and handled dishes. Always on the lookout for
    Information and “how to” ways to carve wood. Have access to black walnut, cherry, curly maple, and other fruit woods.

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